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My Story

I left my job as a CFO in late 2020, after the end of a long-term relationship, depressed, in complete burnout, and feeling like I was a terrible mother. I began contracting right away, which allowed me to set the schedule that I wanted and have plenty of time to spend with my two boys, however, I still knew that this was not what I wanted to continue doing for the rest of my life.

I quickly dove into learning about new things that made my heart excited again;  from attending several week-long meditation retreats with Dr Joe Dispenza, obtaining my certification as a Conscious Parenting Coach through Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and  exploring other practices such as QiGong and various breathwork classes, and, of course, therapy, with an amazing therapist who has truly helped change my life. In 2022, I continued the work by receiving my Reiki I, II and III attunements, becoming a certified sound healer (specializing in crystal sound bowls and tuning forks), as well as a certified chakra and crystal practitioner. In 2023, I trained to become a certified AromaTouch Technique practitioner through doTERRA International, LLC.

This work has helped me to shed so much of the conditioning that kept me tethered to performing and being someone that I wasn’t. Rather than seeking from the outside, I am finally listening to ME, my inner voice, and honoring her in a way that I hadn’t for years and years. I have tapped into my own divine power as well as see the same in others, and long to help others do the same.

So here I am today. Ready to serve. Ready to be a safe and honoring place where people can come to connect to their own inner selves, and receive whatever is needed most.

I look forward to seeing you.

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My Approach

I believe we are each an individualized expression of the Divine.  We harness powers beyond what we can believe, and we have the ability to heal ourselves on all levels. Everything we need is inside of us, and through years (decades, centuries) of conditioning, we have forgot these powers, and our true connection with the Divine.

I do not consider myself a "healer", rather a open conduit for energy to flow.  By allowing a safe, non-judgemental and loving place for clients to BE, I hope to assist them in their own transformation, and help them remember their own highest truth.

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