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Resources and Recommendations

Are you looking for tools to help you on your journey? Or perhaps you have an interest in learning more about the tools I use in my practice or classes which I took to get here?  I created this page to share all of that information.

Below you will find some resources I created to support you.  There are also links to some great Companies which I have worked directly with - with offerings from classes to products. Check out their sites and offerings, and if you have questions, shoot me a message.

Please note, I may receive a small commissions from some of the partners below.


Stress Management Workbook

Check out the link below for a printable Stress Management Workbook to help you manage your wellness and mental health.  With sections addressing Thought Awareness, Cognitive Restructuring, and Understanding Your Problems, this workbook can be used over and over again to work through different situations in life.


Life Changing Energy

The Life Changing Energy site houses everything you need to become a Certified Sound Healer, among other things.  The courses are CMA Accredited (The Complementary Medical Association) and range from sound healing to astrology and crystal and chakra healing.  There is also a store with all kinds of sound healing instruments and accessories.  I have purchased multiple items from this store including crystal singing bowls, a gong, chimes and my 7 Crystal Heating Mat with PEMF and Photon option. 

You can save 7% on your order by using coupon code ANDREACLEM at the link below:  

EFT Universe

EFT Universe offers a range of services and courses that help you learn and master Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and meditation – and experience the physical and mental health benefits they offer. Their mission is to share these methods with as many people as possible.

Whether you’re seeking to reduce your stress, find life balance, enjoy peace of mind, or heal from a medical or mental health condition, EFT and meditation can help. 

I am currently enrolled in their Clinical EFT Certification course and can attest to the in-depth training and support that they offer.

Use the link below to check out their site and the many courses and books which they offer:

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