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But Is This Even Mine? Releasing the Energy We Take on from Others

We are all energetic beings, and as we move throughout the day we can inadvertently take on energy from others we associate with. Our physical bodies are like sponges that soak up the environment, which can explain why you can immediately feel uncomfortable when walking into the room, or know when someone is hostile or angry before they even speak. This can be especially true for individuals who are classified as an empath, which is a person who is highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of those around them and feel what others are feeling at a deep emotional level.

It is a good to practice to regularly work to release these energies from our bodies. By doing so, it can help calm our nervous systems and we can feel more "normal" again.

Here are some ways to remove energy that you've taken on but isn't yours:

**Grounding techniques:** Connect with the Earth to release excess energy. This can involve walking barefoot outdoors, sitting against a tree, or visualizing roots extending from your body into the ground.

**Physical activity:** Exercise helps release pent-up energy. Activities like yoga, tai chi, or even a brisk walk can help balance your energy and clear negativity.

**Meditation:** Practice mindfulness or meditation to observe and release unwanted energy. Focus on deep breathing and visualize letting go of what doesn't serve you.

**Salt baths:** Soaking in a bath with Epsom salts or sea salt can cleanse your energy field and promote relaxation.

**Showers and visualization:** In the shower, as the water pours down your body envision all energy which you picked up being washed away by the water and going down the drain to the earth to be transmuted to a higher energy.

**Washing your hands after working on others:** Similar to the shower technique above, if you are someone who works on others with your hands (massage therapist, chiropractor, hair stylist, energy worker, etc.) you can release energy while washing your hands between clients. Envision all energy which you picked up being washed away by the water and going down the drain to the earth to be transmuted to a higher energy.

**Smudging:** Burn sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs to purify your space and your energy field.

**Visualization:** Imagine a protective barrier (a bubble or a circle of light) around yourself, allowing only positive energy to enter and negative energy to exit. Do this every morning, or before you go somewhere with lots of others. 

**Energy healing:** Seek assistance from a qualified energy healer who can help identify and clear any energetic blockages or imbalances.

**Journaling:** Write down your thoughts and feelings to process and release any energy that's weighing you down.

**Cord Cutting** Through visualization, find the energy that is not yours, and with the help of your guides and higher self, use a sharp object to cut the cords. It can be helpful to Imagine your energy returning to you, cleansed.

Give these a try and notice how your body (physically and emotionally) responds. Practicing one of the methods which resonate with you on a daily basis can change your overall being and the way you deal with others.

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