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Spring - A time of New Beginnings and Infinite Possibilities

Spring is a season of new beginnings and transformations; it is the season which symbolizes starting fresh and starting over. Nature is emerging from hibernation, and we will soon see the budding of the trees and plants, along with the many signs of new life. While it is a lovely time to watch in awe as the beauty of the world unfolds around us, it is also the perfect time to pause and go inward to determine what beautiful things you want to grow and do in your life, and from there plant the seeds of your desires.

New beginnings can be scary: they can be soft and easy, or can arrive like a wrecking ball, but regardless of how they show up, beginnings overflow with possibilities. New opportunities, new people, new lessons, and new goals.

Sometimes the “new” also comes with the prospect of fear and uncertainty. There is fear in the unknown. What I've learned is don’t be afraid of it, don’t fight it and don’t deny it. It’s going to happen regardless of whether you are open or closed to the experience, it will just be a lot harder and harsher if you resist or stay closed off to the change.

What has really been top of mind for me in this latest season of life is the word surrender. Surrender, by definition, means to cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority. Synonyms include yield, concede, give in, give way, defer and back down. There are other definitions, but this one comes up on the top of my search results. When you surrender, in this sense of the term, you stop doing whatever you were doing, because if you do there will be negative consequences, and you’ve decided you no longer want to face them. No wonder surrender has a poor reputation. Because giving up control and responsibility reflects poorly on us, right? It suggests we’re weak, irresponsible, and at the mercy of others.

But surrender is a positive. It shows courage. It’s often easier to “go along to get along” than to do something different. Because to surrender means you change direction. You give up AND you get going in a different way. You accept the AS IS, and you move from there. To that end, surrender demands constant action in support of the change. In other words, if you’ve given up something you’ve taken up something else. That “something else” needs reinforcement to enable it flourish in your life.

To surrender is necessary to improve and realize one’s potential. Don’t let the definition of the term, or its reputation, obscure that very important point.

So, as you step into the season of Spring, I invite you to acknowledge and surrender to what IS, meeting and honoring yourself exactly where you are, AND with love and courage get excited for the new beginnings which are waiting to spring forth. Take the time to envision what seeds you want to plant in order to harvest your greatest desires as time progresses. Begin to focus your energy and tend to that beautiful garden of your heart. Water that which you know will provide you with nourishing fruits and take the time to weed out that which no longer serves you. Know that you are a divine being and there are infinite possibilities awaiting you when you act from the heart.

Welcome wholeheartedly the new beginnings that spring brings – in nature and in your own life.

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Pam Holland
Pam Holland
04 de mai. de 2023

I love the encouragement to surrender in spring. Sometime we get so BUSY!

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